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Project Finance

We provide holistic financial solutions for almost all project. Finance including Infrastructure, Industrial, Institutional and hospital etc.

Project finance is the long-term financing of infrastructure and industrial projects based upon the projected cash flows of the project rather than the balance sheets of its sponsors. Usually, a project financing structure involves a number of equity investors, known as 'sponsors', as well as a 'syndicate' of banks or other lending institutions that provide Loans to the operation. They are most commonly non-recourse Loans, which are secured by the project assets and paid entirely from project cash flow, rather than from the general assets or creditworthiness of the project sponsors, a decision in part supported by financial modelling.The financing is typically secured by all of the project assets, including the revenue-producing contracts. Project lenders are given a lien on all of these assets and are able to assume control of a project if the project company has difficulties complying with the Loan terms.

Risk identification and allocation is a key component of project finance. A project may be subject to a number of technical, environmental, economic and political risks, particularly in developing countries and emerging markets. Financial institutions and project sponsors may conclude that the risks inherent in project development and operation are unacceptable (unfinanceable). "Several long-term contracts such as construction, supply, off-take and concession agreements, along with a variety of joint-ownership structures are used to align incentives and deter opportunistic behaviour by any party nvolved in the project. "The patterns of implementation are sometimes referred to as "project delivery methods." The financing of these projects must be distributed among multiple parties, so as to distribute the risk associated with the project while simultaneously ensuring profits for each party involved.

NPA Management

As Indians banking regulator, the RBI defines a framework to monitor and regulate the increase of non-performing loans in the country. in this, it is guided by international practice as well as the recommendation of the Narasimham committe.

We have a best option for those who got NPA. We have associate with Asset Restructing Companies who offer debt swapping as well as working capital for revive.

We can also help to get one time settlement(OTS) along with negotiations on outstanding amount.
SME Business Loan

SME Loans are designed to fuel your efforts in giving shape to your business aspirations. We offer small business loans especially crafted for small and medium enterprises, because their financing needs are unique. You are looking to boost capital for an existing production project or an expansion plan.

We have all retail loan for business - like working capital term loan (WCTL), CC limit, OD limit, Bank Guarantee and machinery loans. For individual home loan and loan against property also.

Bring your business expansion plan to life with tailor made SME loans

We make it happen for you through our SME loans.
External Commercial Borrowing(ECB)

External Commercial Borrowing (ECB) An external commercial borrowing (ECB) is an instrument used in India to facilitate the access to foreign money by Indian corporations and PSUs (public sector undertakings).ECBs include commercial bank Loans, buyers' credit, suppliers' credit, securitised instruments such as floating rate notes and fixed rate bonds etc., credit from official export credit agencies and commercial borrowings from the private sector window of multilateral financial Institutions such as International Finance Corporation (Washington), ADB, AFIC, CDC, etc. ECBs cannot be used for investment in stock market or speculation in real estate. The DEA (Department of Economic Affairs), Ministry of Finance, Government of India along with Reserve Bank of India, monitors and regulates ECB guidelines and policies. For infrastructure and greenfield projects, funding up to 50% (through ECB) is allowed. In telecom sector too, up to 50% funding through ECBs is allowed. Recently Government of India has increased limits on RBI to up to $40 billions and allowed borrowings in Chinese currency yuan.

Borrowers can use 25 per cent of the ECB to repay rupee debt and the remaining 75 per cent should be used for new projects. A borrower can not refinance its existing rupee Loan through ECB. The money raised through ECB is cheaper given near-zero interest rates in the US and Europe, Indian companies can repay their existing expensive Loans from that.
Bank Guarantee(BG)

A surety, surety bond or guaranty, in finance, is a promise by one party to assume responsibility for the debt obligation of a borrower if that borrower defaults. The person or company providing this promise is also known as a "surety" or as a "guarantor".

A surety most typically requires a guarantor when the ability of the primary obliger or principal to perform its obligations to the obligee (counterpart) under a contract is in question, or when there is some public or private interest which requires protection from the consequences of the principal's default or delinquency. In most common-law jurisdictions, a contract of suretyship is subject to the Statute of Frauds (or its equivalent local laws) and is only enforceable if recorded in writing and signed by the surety and by the principal.

Traditionally, a distinction was made between a surety ship arrangement and that of a guaranty. In both cases, the lender gained the ability to collect from another person in the event of a default by the principal. However, the surety's liability was joint and primary with the principal: the creditor could attempt to collect the debt from either party independently of the other. The guarantor's liability was ancillary and derivative: the creditor first had to attempt to collect the debt from the debtor before looking to the guarantor for payment. Many jurisdictions have abolished this distinction, in effect putting all guarantors in the position of the surety. In the United States, under Article 3 of the Uniform Commercial Code, a person who signs a negotiable instrument as a surety is termed an accommodation party; such a party may be able to assert defences to the enforcement of an instrument not available to the maker of the instrument.
Letter of Credit(LC/SBLC)

We are direct to providers of SBLC, BG,Usance LC. All our BG, SBLC AND Letter of Credit are issued by top prime AAA rated banks like Barclay's London, HSBC Hong Kong, Deutsche Bank AG Germany, CITI Bank New York, Standard Chartered ,Bank of Singapore etc. We offer very flexible loan terms and our interest rate is among the lowest in the industry.

we assists Clients worldwide who want to achieve their business financing objectives. We assist Clients and brokers in their attempt to secure funding by working on their funding requests that may require innovative financing and structuring.

Our specialized focus is working with start-up and existing companies from small to larger funding requests...that is, working with growth-oriented companies that have viable business plans. The overall value that our financial team brings to that assignment is creative thinking, underwriting expertise, and strategic relationships with potential sources.

We fund all types of viable projects which could be start ups or business expansion projects, energy projects, Aviation, Agriculture, Petroleum, Telecommunication, construction projects, Hotels, Condo, Restaurants, Roads, Bridges, Real Estate etc.

If you are a Project Developer, Borrower, Investor, Willing & Able (RWA) to enter a Bank Instrument Assignment/Lending/Lease transaction for the purpose of Enhance Credit, Show Proof of Capability to Enter Larger Investment Opportunities, Attain Loans and Funding for Business or Projects and/or to Serve as Collateral for a Business Transaction, we welcome your request for our Services, and within 48 hours of after we received and verify your application documents and needs, you could be on your way to be presented to explore innovative financial solutions, facilitate global investment potential for wealth creation and life quality enhancement, have global reach and connectivity between capital markets and knowledge, and soon profiteering from our sources and services by receiving the Cash Backed Collateral Instrument you need to obtain the Credit/Funding to develop your projects.

We can share with you a sanitized copy of past transmitted MT760 by the provider although I will like this kept discretely. Please review this and revert asap. Our services are Risk free, Transparent and Fair. We only work with the running cost unlike lesser than our stature are charging minimum 5 times more, even our provider charging more to direct clients.

Letters of credit are often used in international transactions to ensure that payment will be received. Due to the nature of international dealings including factors such as distance, differing laws in each country and difficulty in knowing each party personally, the use of letters of credit has become a very important aspect of international trade. The bank also acts on behalf of the buyer (holder of letter of credit) by ensuring that the supplier will not be paid until the bank receives a confirmation that the goods have been shipped.

We have a option of leasing and Discounting overseas SBLC and Domestic LC.
Debt Restructuring

The reorganization of a company's outstanding obligations, often achieved by reducing the burden of the debts on the company by decreasing the rates paid and increasing the time the company has to pay the obligation back. This allows a company to increase its ability to meet the obligations. Also, some of the debt may be forgiven by creditors in exchange for an equity position in the company.

The need for a corporate debt restructuring often arises when a company is going through financial hardship and is having difficulty in meeting its obligations. If the troubles are enough to pose a high risk of the company going bankrupt, it can negotiate with its creditors to reduce these burdens and increase its chances of avoiding bankruptcy. In the U.S., Chapter 11 proceedings allow for a company to get protection from creditors with the hopes of renegotiating the terms on the debt agreements and survive as a going concern. Even if the creditors don't agree to the terms of a plan put forth, if the court determines that it is fair it may impose the plan on creditors.that.
Private Equity(PE)

Equity capital that is not quoted on a public exchange. Private equity consists of investors and funds that make investments directly into private companies or conduct buyouts of public companies that result in a delisting of public equity. Capital for private equity is raised from retail and institutional investors, and can be used to fund new technologies, expand working capital within an owned company, make acquisitions, or to strengthen a balance sheet.

The majority of private equity consists of institutional investors and accredited investors who can commit large sums of money for long periods of time. Private equity investments often demand long holding periods to allow for a turnaround of a distressed company or a liquidity event such as an IPO or sale to a public company.

The size of the private equity market has grown steadily since the 1970s. Private equity firms will sometimes pool funds together to take very large public companies private. Many private equity firms conduct what are known as leveraged buyouts (LBOs), where large amounts of debt are issued to fund a large purchase. Private equity firms will then try to improve the financial results and prospects of the company in the hope of reselling the company to another firm or cashing out via an IPO.
Corporate liasoning

Multi Management Solutions helps in structure, execute and evaluate merger & acquistions, JV's, Equity Advisory, Stralegic alliances, Greenfield investments. By managing all aspects of complex investment projects, we bring in segnificant transaction execution experience, combined with industry and technical knowledge.

We are also engaged in offering, which is provided effectively as per the specific demand of our patrons.

Our professionals make sure to render these liasoning service to clients within the promised time frame.

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